Finished Projects 2014   
Scope mission for CfBT in DRC Congo Kinshasa 

Identification and formulation of EU Education intervention in Sierra Leone 

Education evaluation in refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan ( UNHCR)

School examination specialist for School Examination Reform Project                in Nepal (British Council) 

Projects 2014 in progress

Review B- Certificate for teachers curriculum Liberia (EU)

Curriculum review for out of school girls education radio in Congo DRC (WCC)

Awarded July 2014!! Zambia Public Sector Performance Program (PSPP) Education Sector (DFID)

Awarded September 2014!! UNICEF Madagascar « EVALUATION DU PROGRAMME «Appui d'Urgence à l'Education Nationale Malgache (AUENM) »

Awarded October 2014!! UNICEF Algeria Assessment of the Sahrawi Education Sector in five refugee camps Tindouf-Algeria

Projects in preparation

Assistance Technique auprès du Projet de Renforcement du Pilotage et de     l'Encadrement de l'EducatioComores (EU)

Appui Institutionnel au renforcement de l’Etat en Haïti » (EuropeAid)

Education projects in Congo for USAID,  DFID and African Development Bank

Technical Assistance to Big Result Now in Education Results Based Programme (BRNEd P4R), Tanzania