Capacity building

 Capacity  is permanent


 Each staff member of the different levels will be trained in a different number of modules over a certain period of time. The training will be done in the cascade way presented. The first two years of the implementation time of the LRC, all staff members will receive a specific training.  Some training will be given before the LRCs are constructed, some trainings will be given once the offices are in place. The first 8 modules will be developed during the first months of the project by a team of experts. A module is divided in training hours; one day training is 6 hours (4 sessions of 1, 5 h)



Specific training for LRC staff

Specific training for monitoring

Specific training for teachers

Introduction to LRC

Management of the LRC Budget

Management of the LRC equipment


School administration

Classroom visits

Managing conflicts


Pedagogical supervision

Monitoring trainees

Managing textbooks

Teacher Groups

Use of textbook and T&L materials

Pedagogical management

Lesson preparation and class management

Didactics on different subjects

New teaching methodologies


Education quality at all levels

Teacher Groups

Didactics in different subjects

Environment and citizenship

Knowing the child and formative evaluation

Lesson preparation and class management

New teaching methodologies

Use of textbooks and T&L materials