Challenges to the management of the program




Possible explanations / Counter-measures

Low commitment of school management on professional development of teachers

Problem analysis:

For a long time, teachers had not been viewed by the school management as people who needed improvement in their learning. Instead, they were always expected to perform wonders in class with the basic knowledge they acquired during initial teacher training.

Possible Counter-measure:


School management should be involved as participants of/at the stakeholders’ workshops and a session for them in order to deepen their managerial skills and commitment for the program should be organized.


Showing them a good sample of implementing activities or taking them to model schools which has implemented effective programs, so that they can start comparing themselves with those good models.


Periodical monitoring activities by LRC and district officers should be planned to monitor school managers and their activities implemented in schools.


Time management: (inadequate time at school for implementing lesson study)

Problem analysis:

Most of the teachers and school managers always say there is little or no time to conduct the program due to various programs running in schools and personal matters.

Possible Counter-measure:


Most teachers knock off immediately they finish teaching. Hence the need for change of mind set and work culture. The school Principals, in consultation with the LRC and Senior Teachers, need to make a master plan for the school’s activities.


It is also necessary for school managers to orient teachers that proper and effective study as professionals requires certain time and efforts. There is no easy way for learning.


Effective supervision is also required at all levels.








Difficulties in monitoring & creating

clusters caused by geographical location of schools

Problem analysis:

Schools in some areas, especially in rural areas, are far from each other and this affects efforts or plans to create school clusters for the implementation of the program. In addition, there is poor road infrastructure making some places inaccessible and insufficient communication system among schools.

Possible Counter-measure:


Arrangement of clusters should be done carefully, so that teachers from small schools can have opportunities to attend meetings in the cluster. Re-arrangement of cluster might be considered, if teachers have to take long trip to other school.


Procurement of bicycles can be considered as a cost-effective way to assist teachers to move in cluster.


Proper plan for monitoring by County and District officers should be made.


Capacity needs to be strengthened at lower levels, especially Principals , so that the reports periodically generated by the Schools are authentic.


Strengthen communication system


Strengthen Model schools to become small learning centre.


Paradigm shift on perceiving workshops as a source of income

Problem analysis:

A culture of perceiving workshops as a means of extra income had entered the minds of many people and teachers were not an exception. Some donors and NGOs pay their participants well and some of the teachers attend such workshops, thereby, will come to meetings and trainings with such a mind set.

Possible Counter-measure:


Make them understand and appreciate the benefits of improving their professional development. They also need to be made aware that they should not be paid for their personal profession





Challenges related to schools and teachers


Anticipated challenges

Possible explanation / Counter-measures

Negative attitude of some teachers

Problem analysis:

Some teachers do not understand and appreciate the need of attending TG, because they could have been in service for a long time; after graduating from teacher training institutions/ colleges, for others, teaching was not their first choice career, while others just were lazy and uninterested

Possible Counter-measure:


Enhance orientation and sensitization by school managers on the needs of TG as professionals.


Make efforts to try involving those teachers in a team of other teachers.


Use successful model of their colleagues as peer educators.


Apply appropriate administrative measures at all levels.


Insufficient skills of teachers & facilitators for good lesson critiquing and lack of confidence.

Problem analysis:

In an effort to balance the allotment of facilitators, certain clusters may have under qualified facilitators.

Teachers are not used to critiquing lessons objectively because they might confuse critiquing a lesson and criticizing the teacher.

Possible Counter-measure:


Conduct training workshops for the facilitators as an ongoing activity which enables them to continuously learn lesson critiquing skills.


Orient teachers on the difference between lesson critiquing and criticizing the teacher.


Encourage teachers to exchange comments and suggestions for improving their lessons.


Inadequate materials and necessary information for teachers to use as tools to improve their competence

Problem analysis:

There are not sufficient teaching and learning resources and internet facilities at schools especially in rural areas. lack of resourcefulness by teachers

Possible Counter-measure:


 Maximize the use of available resources, while developing those which could be done within our/own means.


Make improvised teaching materials with locally available resources.


Procure more materials with funds from income generating activities within a school.


Network the Schools as a long term goal.