The hidden connection in water

Seminar cultural development-The hidden connection in water by Masaru Emoto

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Doctor Masaru Emoto’s book is about the exploration of water and the impact of emotions and or thoughts on water. Water is a colourless, tasteless, odourless liquid at ambient temperatures and pressure. It exists in three states; in solid state, liquid and gaseous state. Water is the most common substance in earth. Without water all living things die.

Legends and Myths in Greece believe that from earth antiques, there existed the crystal sea representing the Schamayin or the living water which are above heavens, They believed that the living sea as the ocean of spirits within which all created and uncreated things exist and by life of which they are animated. Below the Schamayin becomes the astral light where there are stars and beyond the astral light is the Divine Fiery Water, the first outflow of the Word of God. The flaming river pouring from the presence of eternal schamayim is living waters that are said to engulf a new entering soul with incomprehensive showering of light water as they descend into earthly existence. The memory of the infinite before and after is concealed within influx and the flow of this organic stream of energetic stream of all being. This explains why rain is often accompanied by lightening.

Upon birth and death memories are carried away by this mythic water. They call it the Mnemosyne which is the source of flowing waters’ remembrance. To drink this water facilitated insights into the unseen and created visions of understanding and wholeness that would otherwise be beyond human understanding.

Mnemosyne began as one of the twelve sons of Titans born of Uranus which is the heavens and Gaea which is the earth with father Zeus. It tells us before water were gods, Hermus was given a lyre and soul which tells us that our senses and cycles are born from water. The subconscious cultural awareness of water has been stored in our language, the understanding and beliefs are kept alive, mem, and Mnemosyne as linguistic roots are receiving heavy use in our modern tongue like memory, mnemonics, membrane, member, memoir, amnesty and amnesia.

Great Sumerian mother-goddess Inanna has a vase in place of a heart, from this vase flows water that promises eternal spring. Babylonians and Mesopotamian legends have civilization starting with whales, supposedly taught humans the concept of recurrent cycles as a fundamental law of nature.

According to Frank Louis at the University of Iowa, 40 billion years ago water came to the surface of the earth in the form of comets containing balls of water and ice weighing hundreds of tonnes or more. Today as balls of ice penetrate into the earth’s atmosphere, the heat of the sun evaporates them and turns them into gaseous particles which mix with the air in the earth’s atmosphere and fall as rain and snow.

There are so many sources of water .They include, rain water, from seas such as Mediterranean Sea, from lakes such as Lake Victoria, from oceans such as Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean from springs such as Mzima spring in Mombasa, from rivers such as river Nile. Water can be used for cooking, for irrigation, by plants through the process of photosynthesis, for transport by plants through capillary action to transport minerals to different parts of the plants, for human transport, as a habitat for aquatic animals and fish, for industrial use to cool plants, for cooking, drinking and laundry and for recreation purposes like swimming.

Water is transparent hence allowing aquatic animals and plants to live in water because sun rays can penetrate water.

The boiling point of water is directly related to barometric pressure.

Water sticks by itself because of the high surface tension caused by strong cohesive forces between its molecules because it is polar.

Water has low density

It can be split by electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen.

Pure water has low electric connectivity but increases upon solvation of ionic materials like sodium chloride

All major components in cells like proteins, polysaccharides and DNA dissolve in water.

Water has the second highest specific heat capacity after ammonia as well as high heat of vaporisation both of which are as a result of extensive hydrogen bonding between its molecules thus allowing water to moderate Earth’s climate by buffering fluctuation in temperature.

According to Dr.Emilio DelGiudile of Milan University, the theory of Quantum Electrodynamics applied to water predicts the spontaneous formation of coherent domains which is a state in which multiple molecules  behave as a single system which have unique properties  including the ability to store energy of a particular frequency  and give this energy to specific biomolecules that are resonant with it.Coherent domains are predicted to be  a natural development in water as it shifts from a more random bulk water to a more organised coherent state ,releasing energy to surrounding processes. Coherent domains are thus capable of transforming low grade high energy from the environment into high grade low energy which is very important to all living systems.

Doctor Gerard Pollack states that water forms an extensive, ordered structure at the boundary with hydrophilic surfaces called the exclusion zones. This water is differentiated from bulk water by a liquid crystalline marked by molecular alignment, increased viscosity, unique light absorption and various electric effects. The effects forms at the boundary of water with air, which lends credence to the understanding that dissolved gases and particles in water, also contribute to the protection of ordered water structure. The boundary of the exclusion zone is also marked by a charge separation which has been shown to be increased by exposure of the exclusion zone to various forms of light and which may be fundamental to the process of photosynthesis in plants.  

Doctor Emoto states that we are 70% water, 99% of water when we are foetuses, at birth we exist as water by 90% and 70% at adulthood until we die. Since water makes up 70% of us that is body and soul, when we do not treat water with love and gratitude, he states, ‘the number of people suffering from physical illness will not decline’. When we are filled with anger and frustration we transmit the hado of anger and water stores this information we therefore pollute the water within us with anger and sorrow which is destructive to our health bringing stress and depression depriving us happiness. This is seen when Masaru carried a test on natural water from spring and wrote ‘thank you’ and ‘you are beautiful’ beautiful crystals formed, when he exposed water to writings like’ you fool ‘deformed and ugly crystals were formed.

Water has the ability to store and transmit information through hado, the universal law of vibration and resonance. Water improves or deteriorates depending upon the information it takes. We are also water. Therefore, what we take in will either improve or deteriorate our health and well- being. Jack Carifield acknowledges that, ‘the spirit of water offers a profound insight into the world of water and our integral ability to influence it’. The reason for our suffering is because we have abused our origin and our origin is water. Lest we learn to respect, appreciate and guard water we will never find peace in this planet. We are suffering and the solution is to go back to our origin.

The Holy Bible also in the book of prophet Jeremiah 2:13’…for my people have committed two evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed  out cisterns  for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water’. This explains us that God is angry when we mistreat water which is the source of life. In Revelations 22:1’…Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the thrown of God and of the lamb. ‘This explains that we originated from water. According to tectonic theory all the continents in this planet are resting on water and we are surrounded by water, we are water, from birth, to death we go back to water. The holy Quran supports that we were created from water,’…And we created from water and everything lived…’Q.s Al Anbiya: 30

Water outside and inside our bodies will respond the same way we treat others outside our bodies. The manner we treat and communicate with others will send vibrations to water which this information is stored. Unless we treat our world with love, gratitude and respect, the world will be deformed by pollution, excessive noise and man -made destructions like nuclear weapons. Words are the expression of the soul. Water reflects our soul. This is because the molecular structural composition of water has magnetic fields like a nervous system which records and reacts to information.

Ice crystals according to Emoto contain the mystery of the universe. By the way we treat water crystals and in the way they react to our treatment we…’can unlock the consciousness required to understand the proper order of the universe and our role in it’. The more we abuse the earth, and the more we pollute our oceans and streams, the more anger and hostilities and wars  we bring to ourselves, and the more we live in peace and harmony putting an end to senseless famine, killings ,rapes and corruption. Water can create chaos on earth if we abuse it like Tsunami; flooding more recently in Russia and China, Hurricanes like Katrina which these disasters destroy properties and lives. As long as man remains selfish and takes anything he desires by all means at all costs the water he drinks and bath himself with will remain polluted, corrupt and sick.Masaru explains that we can drink the purest water but without a pure soul, the water will not taste good neither will the world unless we treat it with love and gratitude. Vibrations of the environments change the molecular shape of the water hence water have the ability to visually reflect the environment.’…when people are pure-minded their prayers create crystals that are beautiful and clear…the world is made more beautiful when we infuse it with our love and gratitude’.

Prophet Mohammed Saw said,’….Zamzam lima syriba lahu’, meaning that zamzam water will do all the messages and the desires of the people who drink it.This is true because zamzam water is exposed to prayers and wishes of all Muslims every day, that is why it has healing properties, those who were ill and drank it testified to have been cured of their diseases and illnesses. When Masaru and his team tested the zamzam water it formed beautiful crystals despite the fact that it is found in the well, it is the only well water in the world which moulds have never grown in that well since centuries ago. The water has been absorbing and storing prayers of all the Muslims since centuries who have been praying to it, this supports another test done by Emoto on water exposed to prayer which formed beautiful crystals. Water therefore acts like an electromagnetic tape recorder and like tape information can be impressed by outside elements.Emoto suggests that the effective cure of diseases is an awareness that we are living in cooperation with micro- organisms at each moment in our lives and that they respond to our thoughts. In Indonesia, water was used as a medium for healing by the ancestors to this day.Therefore,positive thoughts according to him raise our electromagnetic resonance which results in higher quality health and negative thoughts lowers our electromagnetic resonance  which results to low quality health.

When water was exposed to different languages in French, Italian, Korean, and Germany and it was told thank you, the water formed beautiful crystals. When it was exposed to. ‘You are cute, and let’s do it’, it formed beautiful crystals. But when it was told ‘do it ‘no crystals were formed meaning that we should not force something unto others as water is reflecting that it did not form crystals when it was exposed to these harsh words.


Water in the oceans and seas has memories of the creatures that live in them because of its ability to copy and memorise information. It absorbs energy, carries energy and emits energy. According to Engler and Kokoschinegg in 1998, stated that water has a structural memory and a structural viability, and because of these properties it can store acquired information over a long period of time and hand it over to the body.Dr.Felch also discovered that water has a very specific structure which is in position to acquire a large amount of information. If water is heat or exposed to pollution then its capacity for transferring information is lessened and its memory is erased. Distilling water too erases its memory. Theodore Scheck invented the picture photography; the photographic technique allows one to see the internal structure of water unfolded as a form. It revealed more chaotic structures in damaged water like sewage water, water from pipes and water exposed to industrial wastes. Johann Grander states that because water has memory and carries memories we should not interfere with it even if water is treated or purified in chemical means it remains harmful, ’a water once impaired by heavy metal, nitrate….remain harmful even after thorough processing by chemicals or infiltration, because vibration,information,that have once been stored are preserved. This is true to what has been witnessed at the Gulf when British Oil was spilled into the sea, after the so called clean up, to date the water is still contaminated, an evidence is when recently fishermen caught deformed prawns and shrimps.

The piped water which we drink in our homes have undergone through stress, and chemicals, distillation killing its structure, and being transported in concrete pipes is dead water and stressed, these properties are passes to our bodies we become stressed and ill. Gander states that’…water needs freedom… waters seek out its source of energy itself. It flows over the earth, inside the earth and makes long loops’. The water we drink therefore is robbed of its energy and when we      drink, it steals our energy instead of giving us energy. He advise us to use bionic technology of using natural materials like wood and natural stone which were used by ancient Romans so as not to interfere with the natural flow of water and its molecular structure .Dr.Eshel Ben-Jacob of Tel Aviv University used bacteria structures as his instrumentation  to explore the impact of various chemical and electromagnetic influences upon structure of water,…’guided by bacteria response to treated water, further reflect on the possibility that water can store biological relevant information ,presumably in its complex structural organisation…..water order, water memory  and water information are real and not mysticism…’.Water of the Canaima hills is uncontaminated ,when Masaru and his team tested it was forty times stronger than the normal water because it is in the remote part and it has not come into contact with people and civilization, the water feeds the Indian tribes explaining why they are healthy besides being poor and illiterate.

Water expresses itself as a healing hydration in form of clean drinking water, as food for life in form of rain  and reflects human aggressions in the form of a hurricane  like Katrina, Tsunami like the one which killed thousands of people and kindness and compassion inform of a beautiful, gentle snowfall or passive calm streams. Because  of these the disasters like hurricanes, flooding and Tsunami Masaru explains that,’…over the centuries, humankind has constantly robbed from the earth, and left it ever more polluted-the history of which is recorded by water, now water is speaking to us. Through water crystals, it is telling us what we need to know’.

Emoto tells us that we should be happy with what we have because the happiness within us will purify the water that flows in our body, as a medium of transport, water will distribute happiness in all parts of our body. According to him,’…If you emit a hado of happiness, then you can be sure that the universe will respond with happiness’. When we start comparing ourselves with others we emit a hado of unhappiness .We should search for happiness from the inside first and not from the outside first. He explains that happiness concurs all and give an example of rich people who try to find happiness .Despite the fact that they are so wealthy but they are not happy, wealth cannot buy happiness, the rich are looking for unlimited happiness in limited many riches, unless we can be ones with the unlimited existence, we will never find true happiness because material wealth will end and because we depend on it our hearts will be left hollow. Our ability to be happy depends on what is going on in our mind which is reflected in water in our bodies and our mind has an enormous impact in our bodies. We must be mindful of our thoughts because of their power to influence elements like water because as Eiseley states,’…if there is planet on the planet ,it is in water’.Emoto tells us that appropriate desire is needed to make people strive for  something better but we should not be slaves of our desires.

Doctor Emoto gives an example of Shinichiro who was suffering from the deadly kidney cancer who became unhappy of his condition, he started changing his view of life and started rising early in the moon, go on top of the roof to great the morning rising sun, day by day he began smiling and appreciating it by saying thank you, slowly he recovered from kidney cancer and was tested and declared cancer free. This shows the ability of a spoken word to give life is much more powerful than we can imagine. The Holy Bible in the book of Proverbs 13:3 also supports this explanation,’…A gentle tongue is a tree of life, but pervasiveness in it breaks the spirit’. Also in Proverbs 18:21’…Death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruits’.Mohichi also acknowledges that words embody energy and according to Emoto words existed as  balanced opposites like anger verses kindness, fear verses courage and hate verses gratitude. Since words contain frequencies, positive frequencies can cancel negative frequencies like we can cancel fear by being courageous and cancel anger by being kind, this will be reflected in our water in the body which is the medium of transportation and has a high impact on our health and well-being. All emotions have frequencies that the water is responding to or resonating with, all things lie within our consciousness, we become ill because of negative thoughts that trigger an imbalance of elements within our body.

Our thoughts have a huge impact on water. In 1881 a ship named Laura was on its journey from Liverpool heading to San Francisco but on the way the ship caught fire and the sailors remained adrift and ran out of water for three weeks, When the captain of the ship was asked how they survived he said that they dreamed of fresh water and imagined the blue water of the ocean was fresh, he and the ship crew drunk it and the water tasted fresh that is how they survived. His can be sometimes in young children who drink dirty water by mistake because of their thoughts that they are drinking normal fresh water they don’t fall ill because this thought is reflected on the dirty water. Human emotions have a strong influence in water, National Geographic channel proved this last week whereby they were trying to figure out if sharks truly kill human beings, one of the men volunteered and spent two nights in the sea with the great white sharks of Cape Town South Africa, the sharks never attacked him he swam with them  they solved the mystery behind the ship carrying over a thousand men which sank in Cape Town only two hundred men survived, the answer was they panicked and this sent vibrations to water  which responded to panic majority died because of the water others, their panic waves were picked by sharks who attacke,killed and ate them. It is the structural composition of water which changes and not its chemical composition.

Doctor Emoto advises that when we have difficult experiences we should look at it as something transitory, when we encounter a negative experience we should aim to remedy the situation as soon as possible, to prevent the pattern from stabilizing in the mind. The longer we live with negative unresolved experiences, the greater the imprints become .A new pattern of reality is stored. Our prime cause of problems is our strong attachment to external circumstances and holding on a fixed idea based on past experiences. We need to cultivate our hado of happiness within ourselves and purify the negative hado.

Masaru and his team performed a test on different type of music and their influence in water, water exposed to music with heavy metals formed ugly crystals and water exposed to soft harmonious music formed beautiful shaped crystals. This implies that when we are exposed to music with heavy metals we become violent because the frequency waves are absorbed by water into our body systems. This is one of the reasons that crank music and rockers are often violent people.

He also did the rice experiment where he ignored one of the jars, after a month the rice in the ignored jar was rotten and smelling so bad, it can be used as an example of how children are raised, they should not be ignored but rather, talked to, conversing with them, discuss their problems and solve them to stabilize their mind and bring a feeling of love, and appreciation among them this will reflect in their water, they will grow up to be responsible people in the society. Love strengthens the molecular structure of water which we are made up of thus ensuring us good health.

In the Bible there is the story of Jacob and his animals. God ordered him to look for chest nut trees and hazel trees, make pattern and dots of different kinds and place the trees where animals used to drink water, he did so, and the animals that were formed took patterns and dots according to how he shaped the patterns on chest nut trees and hazel. God instructed him to do this where animals were drinking explaining that every seed, every embryo begins in water and that there is no DNA healing without water. In Genesis 30:39’’…and the flocks conceived before the rods and brought forth cattle rings raked, speckled, and spotted... .’

Olaf Alexander states that water is the earth’s blood; Viktor Schauberger compares water flowing on earth’s terrain as blood circulates in human body. Water brings nutrients to plants and animals the same way blood carries nutrients in blood to different parts of the body. Earth’s bipolar magnetic fields influences enliven the water and influence its direction of course. There exists energy in which vortices of water flow that would allow touts to swim upstream and leap huge distances into the air. Highly energised water were characterised by winding curves and shaded banks that protect the water from too much direct sunlight .The forests according to Schauberger are the cradle for living water  and likened it to the earth’s protective skin. The way water is collected and transported by human beings is harmful when consumed. He tells us that if we want to copy nature we should understand .He is criticizing the manner in which we transport water in plastic and concrete straight pipes under high pressure. Water then finds its way back to nature, polluted and sick.

Dr Vladimir Voekolov studied that structured water releases energy to maintain the far from equilibrium energetic conditions by which all living things are marked. According to him, water plays an important role in releasing electronic energy that is utilised by biological systems through reactions with various oxygen species and also transforming low grade energy from environment to higher grade energy that is more valuable and essential to living systems. A number of environmental influences impact water functional capabilities and the structure of the water. This calls for the conservation and rehabilitation of forests to maintain natural water catmint areas and prevent water from being overheated by sun rays which destabilizes its molecular structure.

Soviet physicians are advocating for the use of magnetised water which helps raise the ph. of the body essential for good health, magnetised water eliminates toxins; it enhances digestion and helps in steady flow of blood cells.

However Doctor Maseru stating that water has memory ,then the water  of the Bermuda Triangle should be able to tell us what happened to the men who disappeared in that area without a trace.

The Bible is clear that we should seek wisdom from God and not water. God created water, and seeking wisdom from water is like worshipping a second God.1 Corinthians 1:24’…but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God’.

God reveals the reason why he created man in Ecclesiastes 12:13fear God and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man’, the hidden messages in water do not tell us why we were created.

If Masaru knew the power of words on water then he could have ordered waters of the Tsunami to calm down or the waters could have revealed what was about to happen then we couldn’t have lost thousands of lives and properties worth billions of shillings.

It is only the word of God that has power over all living and living things in the planet that is why Jesus was able to calm the sea by word of mouth, why is there not any man who has been able to calm the seas after Jesus yet every year we lose our brothers and sisters in the high seas because of storms and gales. Only the word of God divided waters of the sea in Exodus 14:21’…then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and all that night the Lord drove the sea back with strong East winds and turned it into dry land. The waters were divided.’’

If we can influence water by word of mouth then why is man still dying from cholera and dysentery. Only one man can change water and that is Jesus who can.He changed water into wine in John 2:7-9.Therefore Masaru is wrong by saying that the chemical composition of water cannot change.’…fill the jars with water… draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet…..master tasted water that had been turned into wine’.

We can avoid all the problems facing man by purifying  and respecting nature  by planting trees where they are already depleted, all problems like Masaru states are as a result of abuse of nature, nature is water, without water there is in  nature, we fight  for food and also so that our future descendants may have something to eat, through our selfish desires we have abused nature, robbed her off her minerals, cut down trees and multiplied at an alarming rate hence the demand for more food and land ha lead and still leading us to cultivate any available land forgetting about the water catchment areas, we abuse rivers and lakes which gives us a reason to live, for rain through evaporation and sea and land breezes which forms rain ,rain support plants which through photosynthesis we get food and oxygen. Olaf prophesied that,’…there would come a time when a bottle of water, would cost more than a bottle of wine’. To prevent this prophecy from coming true we should do the following;

We should control population growth rate so that to lower the demand for food, water, and minerals. The earth currently cannot support the huge population; we are too many for what this earth can offer.

We should use natural ways to transport water like the ancient Romans who used natural stones and wood and constructed river bends to allow water to flow in its natural way.

We should recycle industrial water by sing it for construction and concrete making and not for irrigation as many people suggest, water still carries memories of what happened to it and will pass the information to the food we eat.Exampes of water recycling companies in Kenya are Davis and Shirtliff water recycling company, Kenya Biobox Eat Africa recycling company and Kenya water recycling company.

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