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B&W wants to set up Youth projects in three countries, Kenya, Haiti and Sierra Leone. For that we are looking for pedagogical, financial and logistical advise and support.

The main idea

Build a hotel ( lodge) as a joint-venture between Belgian (Western) and Kenyan executors

The hotel could be situated not far from a local small community, not in the middle of the tourist centers but at the other hand easy reachable from the airport.

Not too much luxury but essential comfort and reliability.

An integrated project.

Visitors (individual and group companies) become citizens of the village and after leaving the country stay in contact and keep on supporting the development of the local community.

Thanks to the program the hotel will become the catalyst of the expansion and the development of the village because many joint-ventures will be started up.

The hotel will  be a center of training for different activities for youth

In the section "More Youth" you will find information of the situation of young girls and boys in the three countries.

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